Smart home and building automation

Become the Master of your home

Thanks to modern building automation solutions, you will become a real master. Easily and inteligently control every aspect of your home – from lighting, security, air conditioning, home theater, music and more – even if you’re far away.

Let the house run automatically. Music can be streamed throughout your home from any source. When it’s time to play, dim the lighting with one touch, let the blinds drop to the height you set, and let the TV tune to the appropriate entrance. It’s that simple and fully customizable for any home.

Recommended products
  • Processor – home controller,
  • Touch sensors,
  • Application on the phone,
  • KNX Relay Controller.


Lighting our home is an integral part of everyday use. That is why adjusting the lighting depending on our preferences is so important. This allows us to achieve a high level of comfort and satisfaction thanks to the simple and intuitive lighting control.

How does it work?

Reduce Light Switches and apply a touch sensor in one room, linking lights and other smart devices together through the smart home operating system. Use intelligent keys to turn on the lighting, set the appropriate intensity and activate other devices.

A few products are enough to enjoy intelligent lighting in your home. You can even start with one room and add more features to your existing system later – the choice is yours.

Recommended products
  • Processor – home controller,
  • Movement / presence sensors, reed switches,
  • Alarm control panel,
  • Video intercom,
  • External cameras and recorder
  • Touchpad


The intelligent home automation system connects sensors in windows, roller shutters, doors with an alarm system, security button and your mobile phone. So you can feel safe and comfortable during the day, at night and when you are away from home. Smoke, carbon monoxide and gas detectors located in strategic points of our home are designed to ensure our safety. Response time in such cases is the most important. Therefore, the system will automatically inform all residents about the danger if it occurs.


What is happening in your home should stay in your home. We respect your right to privacy and believe that your data should be treated fairly.

We do not sell or rent your personal data to third parties. We also make it possible to set up and adjust the system to better suit your preferences

With Smart Security you can, for example:
a) Arm / disarm the security system via the mobile application
b) Receive notifications when a door or window is open and when any movement is detected.
c) Set the lights to turn on automatically at dusk
d) Open and close the roller shutters at the scheduled time
e) Lock or unlock your front door and view your security cameras from one app.

Recommended products
  • Processor – home controller,
  • Stereo speakers – in given zones,
  • Soundbar,
  • Receiver,
  • Touchpad


Listen wherever you want

Each member of your family can listen to and control music from anywhere in the home. Turn on your favorite music list throughout the house, or let family members choose their favorite music in their own room. Using your own smartphones or tablets with a push of a KNX touch sensor, Start, manage volume, stop or switch music.

Feel the differences. Receivers and amplifiers

Anyone with a love of music should appreciate the multiroom sound. Deliver high-quality, high-definition audio to eight stereo zones. Regardless of the size of your home or project.

Custom soundbar

We have high-quality American-made sound bars that can be color adjusted to the color of the wall and to the width of the TV.

External sound system

For the best outdoor audio experience, be sure to choose speakers designed for outdoor use. External speaker options include wall-mounted models as well as re-speaker solutions that disappear into plants “

Built-in music services

Enjoy access to millions of songs, playlists, podcasts and radio stations through popular streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Napster, Pandora, TIDAL and TuneIn.

​Recommended products
  • Router,
  • Access points,
  • Switches (with POE outputs),
  • Processor – home controller,

Computer network

Network equipment for streaming:

From keeping a comfortable temperature to streaming music and movies to even keeping our homes safe, this is an ever-growing ecosystem of products that we rely on.

Without a reliable and efficient network, even the smartest devices become dumb. Each connected device increases the voltage to the home network, affecting both the bandwidth and the quality of the wireless connection at home. Therefore, a computer network is one of the most important systems in your home.

Not all networks are created equal

Many homeowners are used to using network equipment provided by their ISP or consumer brands found at their local retailer. Consumer networks, built as low cost solutions, are not designed to meet the demands of modern connected home appliances. A computer network should be designed around specialized components – routers, switches, and access points – all built to handle smart home, audio and video traffic.

Elegant and efficient Access Points

Efficient processors and transmitter.
• designed for AV systems and home automation.
• Enterprise-class design with elegant aesthetics.
• Designed to handle many types of data in your home, especially AV traffic and automation.

Ethernet switches

Switches extract true performance from connected devices to provide flexibility for wired connections and even power your devices. Ethernet switches are designed to process AV network traffic at incredibly high speeds. Eliminate lag and buffering in audio and video streaming.


Your router connects to your Internet Service Provider and acts as the “brain of your network”, sending data packets to the appropriate device. To get the most out of your network, you need a router that can handle high-bandwidth, low-latency multimedia traffic.

Recommended products
  • Processor – home controller,
  • Mobile application,
  • KNX temperature controllers.

Temperature control

Creating a comfortable space is easy when all smart devices work together. From temperature control to shading. Sit back and enjoy a comfortable and cozy home that provides energy-efficient climate control.

Feel comfortable:

1) Set the blinds automatically up or down depending on the time of day.
2) Automate connected appliances to help regulate the temperature in the house.
3) Let the status on the KNX button turn red to notify you that the door / garage door is open.
4) Arming the alarm by means of the KNX key – may switch into the Recuperation away mode (No household members). Disabling the Alarm will cause the recuperation run to return to its previous state.
5) Too stuffy in the room? Recuperation does not shift gears? Thanks to the system and CO2 sensors installed in a given room, this can change! The set CO2 level threshold will cause the given sensor to send a message and change the gear automatically in the Central.
6) Binding radiators, underfloor heating, and Fan coils. You open the window, the heater or air conditioning will turn off after a while.
7) Adjust the temperature in your home everywhere with remote access.

Recommended products
  • Processor – home controller,
  • Touchpad,
  • Intercom,
  • Mobile application.

Intercom and Video intercom

When your devices are part of the intercom, you will always know who is at the door. Thanks to the clear and clear image, you can hear and see who is calling you and from anywhere on the ground press the postman button, which will disarm the alarm, turn on the lights and open the door. When the package is safe, pressing the second button will secure the house.

You can also communicate with family members from your mobile phone and instantly connect to any or all of the touchscreens.

Recommended products
  • Processor – home controller,
  • External cameras,
  • Video intercom,
  • KNX controller for heating and lighting regulation.

Remote control

Unlock the full potential of your home!

Stay connected to what matters most, no matter where you are. Remote access to the home system provides information and puts you in control of what is happening at home – whether you are in the kitchen or elsewhere in the world.

Stay connected to home

• Access to the mobile application and control of home lighting, door locks, monitoring vision, temperature control, TV control, audio and more
• Custom system alerts and push notifications
• Live camera image and two-way audio chat

Receive a push notification when:

• your child comes home from school,
• Someone rings at the door,
• The door or window is open during certain hours,
• Movement has been detected in the room,
• The temperature in the house is outside the normal range

Recommended products
  • Processor – home controller,
  • Outdoor cameras,
  • Video intercom,
  • KNX controller for heating and lighting regulation.

Cinema at home

Combine all televisions and video equipment in your home into one common system, while hiding the technology in a rack. Providing quick access to all content. Stream a station or movie from multiple rooms at once!

With Smart Video, you can:
• Automatically open and close roller shutters / blinds when the TV is turned on / off
• Record and view your favorite programs from any smart TV
• Use one button to quickly adjust lighting and TV to watch movies
• Make your movie move easily from room to room
• Stream music and videos to different rooms at the same time
• From one interface you can have: Quick access to your favorite TV and music stations, streaming services, playlists, light scenes, temperature controls.
• Set the TV to tune to a specific station at a given time.

* The whole house in the control of your hand:

neeo provides an elegant interface to control your entire home. Turn on / off individual lights, active light scenes, and even close the door – right from the comfort of the couch. Access any TV from any room, or line up your favorite music streaming service to start playing around the house.

Strong, elegant, simple:

Instead of single remote controls for each AV device, bet on one and control each device with it.

Inspired and created by Swiss design experts, Neeo meets the demand for beautiful products to complement the home you live in. The Neeo is a sleek, sophisticated remote with a modern design that combines both tactical buttons and a high-resolution graphical glass touch interface. The weight, balance and texture of the Neeo have been meticulously thought to be comfortable in your hand.

When will you designe your new, dream apartment, we want it to be as good as possible. No wonder, it is supposed to be an investment that will serve us for many years, it will be a place for us a loved one children.

Therefore, when looking for solutions that will serve us for many years, our eyes can be caught by intelligent apartment control, which will significantly increase everyday comfort.

Our solutions are based on Control4 systems.


We use the KNX communication protocol to implement various functions of building automation. The main reason for using the system is the greatest potential for reducing energy consumption (up to 40% savings). It is also more and more willingly used in single-family housing, also due to the simplicity and comfort of use. Poland, striving to meet European standards, is a country that is just beginning its path towards modern building automation installations.

Thanks to the KNX system, you do not have to do “extra kilometers”!

In the KNX system, it is enough that clicking one button from the installed KNX sensor at the exit will turn off the lighting in the whole house, arm the alarm, make the roller shutters move and set the temperature to the given value “leave the house”. KNX also means greater security and savings resulting from the use of automation. It allows you to remotely control your home by phone.

Our goal is simple

We design smart home systems that improve the quality of life of our customers and meet the needs of their families, expertly designed to integrate all systems in their homes into one intelligent and unified, easy-to-use platform.

We use the best solution:



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